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About Life Passion

Life Passion was created by Mr John Lee, a 50-year veteran of the local music industry.Now retired from the family business – Tom Lee Music – John hopes to continue to contribute to the community by sharing his insights on how to cultivate a passion for music in young and old alike.  His own band experience at a young age helped shape him in many ways. This platform offers the opportunity to make a high-quality performance video to share with others and to learn from.


Musicians will be allotted 15 minutes and all will be done in one take - just like a live performance - an experience like no other.


Find out more about Life Passion in the videos below and about eligibility and sign-up here.

李敬章 (John Lee) 想同大家分享他對培養下一代音樂興趣的睇法

John Lee would like to share his thoughts on cultivating the next generation's interest in music.

John Lee:  The Man and his Mission

Find out what makes the Life Passion Founder tick and share in some of the challenges that shaped his outlook on life and where this will lead.

John Lee TV "Life Passion"project interview

John Lee TV Interview 2019

Our Mission

Life Passion’s major goal is to help cultivate the appreciation of music in the wider community by providing amateur musicians - of all ages - with a platform where they can perform and share among each other their ideas and experiences, all in a fun, creative and supportive environment.

Life Passion

Studio Set-up

Check out the Life Passion studio and its professional audio and video set-up plus what to expect when you arrive.

John Interviewed 

by the "Our Hong Kong Foundation"

We are honoured to have the support from the "Our Hong Kong Foundation". The OHKF is a leading non-government, non-profit organisation founded in November 2014 under the chairmanship of Mr C.H. Tung, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Music Education

Life Passion provides musicians with the opportunity to record, produce, and share their unique and wonderful sounds with the community. We’ve collaborated with some incredibly talented recording artists, and are always in search of up-and-coming musicians looking to make a name for themselves. If you too have always dreamed of having your music heard, contact us to schedule a recording session.

John Lee TV Interview

John has always focused his efforts on Music Education and promoting the performing arts in Hong Kong.  Take a look at a very early interview from 1997 by a local TV channel where he shares some insights on business and the local music scene.   

John Lee Speech

John Lee talks about Music Education for children in this clip from February 24, 2013.  John was asked to speak by the Tom Lee Music Foundation chief administrator during their annual recital.

The impromptu speech was shared not only as a music industry veteran but especially from a father’s perspective to other parents that day.  John’s passion for and dedication to Music Education is as strong today as it was back then - with Life Passion as the newest platform for sharing his thoughts and insights.  Enjoy the clip!

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