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Apply for Participation


1. Fill in the form with all required information. The performer(s) name,

number of Members (5 Max), music category, contact information, song

style, song name and instruments involved.

2. Submit a video clip of performance, can be taken by mobile phone. This

video is just for reference.

3. Performers will be contacted with performance date and time slot.


Rules and Regulations

1. All information provided by participants in the registration form must be true and accurate.

2. Instruments supplied include Drums, Hybrid Piano, Electronic Piano, Guitar Amp, Bass Amp and Microphones. Any other equipment, musicians must bring on their own.

3. To minimize waiting time of each performer(s), and to not affect the schedule, performers must arrive 15 mins before the appointed time slot.

4. Format is like a live performance show, therefore no practice time allotted. Five-minute set up and sound check followed by recording session.

5. Recording of performance will be posted to our website As Is.

6. The Video will not be edited in fairness to all performers.

7. Individuals/Groups under 18 years old, must be have signed Parental/Guardian consent.

Health Declaration and Procedure

1. All performers must have no travel history within past 14 days.

2. Must declare related health history (visit to hospitals or close contact with any patients with significant infectious disease)

3. All performers must wear a mask before and after the recording.

4. Must have NO fever, cough, sore throat, or other respiratory symptoms.

5. Use Alcohol-based handrub.

6. All performers to maintain 1.5m distance.

Application Form



Music Details

Thanks for submitting!

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