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Chris Carpio


Chris is a professional pianist and teacher.   Coming from a musical family, his introduction to music education was atypical for sure.  Find out more about his approach to music teaching and learn what’s important for parents to know about motivating young learners and helping them to succeed.

Rosalie Carpio

Professional Singer & Vocal Teacher

Rosalie is a well-known professional singer and vocal teacher in Hong Kong.  Married to local music veteran Tony Carpio, she pretty much lives music 24/7. Rosalie loves teaching both young and old.  How old is her oldest student? Find out and learn more about music education and the local music scene.


Professional Erhu Musician and Teacher

Professional Erhu Musician and Teacher Hsin Xiao Hung has been in music education for over 30 years. How does she get children to love music?  Are music exams really important?  Find out more about the musician and what it means to not only survive, but to thrive in Hong Kong.

Blain Whittaker

Professional Saxophone Musician

Professional Saxophonist Blain knows music – he’s played the instrument for over 40 years.   Is being tough on students the way to success?  Is a certain kind of personality better than another when learning?  Get Blain’s take on music education and how he’s been able to keep things positive in these tough times.

Grace Yu 

Professional pianist and Teacher

Piano playing and teaching runs in Grace’s family – her mother is a professional pianist as well and Grace learned her craft from her. How tough was that, you wonder?  Or was it a breeze?  Grace shares some insights on education and life in the music industry and what Life Passion means to her.

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