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Passion Pathway

Life Passion Founder John Lee entered the Music Industry at a very young age, spending close to 50-years in the business. But he came to parenting very late in life, becoming a father to twins at the age of 58. As an older father, he was intentional in his desire to cultivate an appreciation of the performing arts in his own children.

John shares what he did to put his children - Justin and Jodie - on the road to a life-long passion for music.  

1.    Rhythm - Introduce rhythm early.  Both kids played the drums to develop rhythm - important for any kind of music and beneficial in other areas like sports, science and mathematics, etc.

2.    Ear Training – Training to easily recognize notes and sounds makes it fun and automatic and is a great foundation for moving into creativity through composition.

3.    Motivation - Expose them to all different types of music and get them to learn the songs they like.

4.    Performance - Encourage and provide opportunities to perform early and often.

​1. Rhythm

Jodie and Justin Dancing before and after learning drums

​3. Motivation

Justin and Jodie playing "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" and "Billy Jean"

​2. Ear Training

Justin and Jodie's ear training practice

4. Performance

Justin and Jodie performing with a professional Band

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